Yorkie jumped off couch - can't use left front paw.

This is really unbeleivable - my parents had been looking around for a good breeder for almost a year now, and just got the puppy home today - 5 months old. We haven't even figured out a name for him yet...
Was sitting on the couch with my parents and hopped off and started yelping - this little jump of his couldn't have been more than a foot. Now he he's favouring his right paw, keeping his left suspended and limp... I haven't seen my parents this distraught in my whole life.... They've just left for the 24hour animal hospital.
Any insight as to what happened, or wether or not this is normal for yorkies etc.
Any information really would be appreciated.

poor baby.. this seems to be a common injury. my vet told me to be careful because my little guy has no fear and will jump off anything. plus. xrays are very expensive.

May be just a bruse I hope so. And welcome to YT. I hope the lil guy is ok keep us posted.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, I'm terribly anxious to find out what happend here... My aunt and uncle have a yorkie and he's jumped right out of my arms before without problems. Always bouncing around from couches and beds, I was just dumbfounded that this lil guy managed to hurt himself with a 1' drop into soft carpet.

Kodak did the same thing around 6 mos old and sprained his hip, they thought is was dislocated. I was so upset, so I called the 24 hour emergency number. They told me to wait it out and bring him in the next day.:confused: He was hopping around on 3 legs and couldn't sit. I called another place and they saw him that night, it was sprained and they gave him pain killers. He's been hopping and jumping and leaping ever since!:) Here's hoping the little one will be ok, and nothing serious.

Just got a call from my parents - both bones are broken. I just can't beleive it... seriously - no more than a foot. I'll be worried sick every time I see the lil guy get up any higher than he can stand.

Wow, sorry to hear that, keep a close eye on him from now on, poor little fellow.

Well they've just come home now, he's got his leg in a cast - has to go in tomorrow to get a pin and a plate put in. We're already $500 in the hole for the x-rays....
Is this at all normal?? I mean he could climb on on the couch, he's just as tall as the seat cushions. Should we always be worried to have him climb on the couch?

WOW..Poor little guy.
These little ones have no fear.
They will jump off anything, and out of your arms.
I hope his leg heals ok and he has a speedy recovery.

He must have broken it bad if they are going to have to put a plate and pin in.
Sorry, I have never had anything like that to happen so I don't know if it is normal or not ..but 500 for x-rays seem really high.
My sisters pup broke its leg once and they put it in a case.. only charge her 65.00.

WOW...maybe he just landed funny...like when we step off a curb and bust a knee..it happens. mine jump off everything..with in reason. I have a pregnant female that keeps jumping on and off my high bed...she won't be able to jump up in a few more days luckily. I hope the little guy heals quickly.

I am so sorry to hear about your little guy! That happened to us with a Pomerainen we had rescued, we had only had him a few days and my daughter was taking him out to go potty and he jumped out of her arms and broke his front leg.....oh the crying from both my daughter and the dog...
The price for xrays you are paying is high but an after hours clinic charges more. I would also invest in some steps for the dog to get up and down on the couch or bed.

You can also request your Xrays if you have a regular vet for a second opinion. If surgery has to be done consider, getting him microchipped and neutered at the same time so he doesn't have to go under again. (just a thought)
Best Wishes,
Michele & Bailey:aimeeyork

Well my parents are off to see a different vet right now. I saw the x-rays - it's a very clean break, but both bones are broken. Maybe this vet will be able to set them properly.
I think the puppy is doing the best out of all of our family - nobody slept well last night, my mom actually passed out while at the 24hour animal hospital last night. But upon my waking up this morning the 'lil guy is hobbling about excited to see me, licking at my hand.
Thanks again for all your kind thoughts.